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The Easiest Success Hack You Must Know About

The Easiest Success Hack You Must Know About

"You are the average of the 5 people, you spend the most time with."

​ Heard this quote? This is it; the sum-up! I have disclosed the ever-prevalent success and growth hack right there at the start - the trick that can get you from the bottom of the ladder to the top. This, in a nutshell, is one of the most simple yet powerful advice on really cracking the typical "how to be successful" question. In my previous two articles, I have dropped cues on importance of your network. In this one, let's lay it bare - how?

​ ​ Are you still struggling to understand why haven't you made your mark yet or haven't got your "the opportunity"? No I do not wanna depress you but hear me out on this. Does this sound like you who's been hanging out with colleagues who only do the bare minimum required rather than delivering more to get that paycheck every month? Do your friends entertain you with their gossips more than their ideas or just take up your time being pretty much negative about everything in life? I am sure you would have heard that age-old wisdom that one rotten apple can spoil all. My friend, if you have got one such or literally a bunch, fancy how your life is gonna end up like? I am sorry to say but this is here you need to listen to the alarming siren.

​ ​ Understand this please - its high time you scanned your circle - your social and inner circle. People bring in their own energies and baggage in spaces and conversations. And energies are contagious.. so is lethargy.. so is gossip.. so is procrastination.. and so are such people. If you have been dealing and living with them, that's how you gonna become - energies rub-off on you and your environment. Your friends, your circle influence your thoughts and beliefs. You have to very selective about who gets to sit with you on the table of your life. If I flip around this situation right now, how would you feel? ​

​ Imagine if you have people who are thought-leaders and changemakers who can ignite fire in your belly to create something very powerful; imagine the conversations and insights you will get. Fancy your circle with people who set the standard so high that as Robin Sharma says you wanna be the Michaelangelo of your craft; can you hear the paradigm-shifting methodologies you will adopt? ​

​ See, I am all game for self-help but helping yourself to seek positive people is equally important. ​ ​
We all have our peaks and lows, our seasons of failure and glory - but in times when the going gets tough and self-belief is out of sight, these are the people who will keep you going. Their stories filled with struggles but also exemplary determination and laudable victory will inspire you that it is still not a lost cause. So scan your circle, are there people who have already accomplished what you want? If not, its time to make some amendments to it.

​ ​ Now you may ask how to do it? Like-minded people gel well, right? So time to reflect a bit. Do you realize what all values are of utmost importance to you - those ideals that makes you YOU, those values your life depends on like you can't do without them. For example, impact can be my biggest ideal, for you it can be abundance, for someone else it can be integrity. You need to find people who share your values and are dedicatedly working on it; even better if they are already 3-4 steps ahead of you. My point is if you already have a success story, feel free to use the techniques, tricks and strategies used by them to achieve your goal. They are your role-models, your case-studies. ​

Yes, yes I know the next question coming. But how can I find them? Blessed are we to be born in this age where you have got platforms for networking and meetups - there are apps, websites, clubs that are dedicated to this cause. You can literally get mentored by anyone in this world and it is just a click away. You can find out who is the next budding genius in your community online. Do you realize how powerful it is? ​

You can't let this opportunity-wave get affected. Take out time, reflect on your circle, and cut them off if they are not serving you anymore and add more such people who can transform your lives. I know a lot of you might question what to do if it's someone who is a family member or that bestie from fourth grade with whom you have a lot of "my-first-time-with" memories with. Of course, deleting them is not possible. But you can at least cut down on the amount of time that you usually spend with - positivity is the force my friend. For every such person who drains you, have two such people who empower you; for every hour you spend with the energy-suckers, spend two who can help you build your empire. ​

​ In the end, I would say surround yourself with people who are on their way to achieve what you aspire, who can tickle your brain cells to open up to a world full of ideas and possibilities - you think you'd still be struggling? You are here to create a legacy, do not let clueless and directionless people steal your thunder. Be a roaring success story!

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