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From Passion To Purpose

From Passion To Purpose

I am writing this one for all those who are still trying to figure out their passion. And I do not wanna beat around the bush. So, here it is -

Your intrinsic values define your passion!

Said it!

Now allow me to throw some light on this. And stay with me on this because this gets interesting. All of us have some core basic values, you can say a foundational core which differs in all of us and makes all of us so unique. These serve as the guiding principles of our lives; the pillar on which our whole life stands and we can not, at all, do without these. We stand by these values, it defines us. ​

​ If it's becoming too much of theory, let me explain it with my example - one of my most basic and go-to values is "Impact and Inspire". I wanna impact wherever I am, I wanna transform the lives of people around me for better and I wanna bring a change in the course of their action for an amazing future. I, literally, flip if I see someone who knows where their talents lie but are not taking it seriously. I persuade, I follow up, I become obsessed with their action steps so that they lead their way to the destiny that they are created for. It satisfies something deep inside me. It's a magical feeling I can't put in words- to impact and inspire is that important to me. ​ ​

And now say my friend, X, has a core value of creativity. Now, not that I do not have or do not value creativity. I am crazy about brainstorming sessions and absolutely love them. But my need of "on a mission to empower" comes at the top priority than creativity. Its like one of the psychological needs for me from Maslow's theory.

Its the priority we place on our values that makes us so different.

This can explain now why I found my passion in the industry I am in - coaching or public speaking or humanitarian causes. This is tailor made for me. Because even before this, I had juggled many hats and accomplished and was fortunate to be a part of some giant feats but something inisde me was still hngry. I knew I had a lot more to give but not getting the right channel. But then one day I found my calling in being a life coach. It satisfies my basic value. It helps me to impact. And also, therefore my friend chooses to be an artist by the weekends and advertising professional by the weekdays because it fuels his basic need of creativity; it fuels his senses and the gratification is peak high. ​

​ Now, you also may ask what if we do not realize what are our values (that can also happen). Well, sit with yourself and reflect - what excites you? What activity you do where time just flies? What fans your flames? Or experiment a lot - try different things to understand where your forte lies (Disclaimer - not asking you to quit your job. You can pursue this hustle over the weekends too.). ​ ​

I hope you have got better clarity on this subject with this example. Now, how to make passion into purpose or calling - all those higher fancy words - it's simple but not easy. When you do what you do to contribute and serve the society or people, it becomes purpose. The ground intention over here is to help and serve and uplift others while doing what we do best. ​

​ I would like to explain again with my example - I love to coach people because of the overwhelming happy tears I see when they are able to forgive, or accept or let go. I get a kick when someone tells me I inspired them to excel in their career. I am sure you would know - that's an irreplaceable feeling. That's how my life summary would be like; all the opportunities well-done to touch upon other lives. ​

​ No, I am not saying its bad to think about more money, more revenues, more profits or clients. Not at all. We all need more to help others grow more. ​

Always remember, money, success and fame are by-products when you do brilliantly what you are good at.

The point is to focus on growth and not on the end goal. End goal is like to water down the fire in you. And fire is important to keep you driving. Do not attach yourself with the final goal - get involved in the process and the progress. Enjoy the journey - see and have fun how much have you developed yourself? How better are you transformed? How much have you learnt? This will always tell you what right or wrong things are you doing so you can change to accomplish your vision. ​ ​

I hope this would have put some logic. I tend to write more when I am in flow. But I am grateful to all of you lovely people who stopped by and read it. Mch appreciated. Would love to end with one of my favorite quotes - ​

Purpopse is the reason you journey passion is the fire that lights your way!

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