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Why Does Our Work Take A Backseat?

Why Does Our Work Take A Backseat?

New job. Excitement through the roof. A great vision & many dreams. A livewire. Unstoppable. This is us when we have been hired by a new company! ​

​ Drained. Working just enough to justify the salary. Don't care much. Laidback. Cribbing. This is us some time after into the new job. ​ ​

This is the vicious workplace cycle - and most of us do happen to get trapped in it. We all have such willingness to be one with the mission of our organization when we are new to it. Ideas pop out, inspiration flows, motivation is fueled up with every single action plan. And we do pretty good as well. ​

​ But, then comes friends (work-friends), frenemies, toxic colleagues, office politics etc.etc. and in all this, work takes a backseat. Its important to understand that we are emotional beings - its our nature to get drawn to people and bond. And this is even how any workplace becomes more like a close-knit family and work like a team. ​

​ But often times our work does suffer because "hey, my work-friend has an important update to share with me about her/his life" or "my collague needs to vent out how unfair the boss has been" or someone really falls sick and so the reasons fall all in place. ​ ​

And, of course, how can we forget that toxic colleague who wouldn't let any opportunity pass by to poke their nose into our business; wouldn't hesitate to shamelessly ask that "just dropped by your table to ask what are your plans for that X project". And would even instigate "why do you put in so much of hard work? No one cares for us here. Didnt you see how our voice is silenced everytime because the boss favors that Y person" (which sounds true too to some extent). Some people would get all the attention without even budging a finger. ​ ​

And lastly, our ever-prevalent issues with the management - "I only arrived two minutes late and my half-day salary got deducted." "What about that day when I stayed back to complete that document - no acknowledgement for that?" ​

​ It all boils to following three things:- ​

1. If you would have noticed, throught my article I kept mentioning "boss". Would we like to work for a boss or a leader? The workplace emanates the energy and culture of the kind of leader we have. If the leader is smart and intelligent, and knows his/her craft and team, he/she wouldn't afford any illogical reasoning or a toxic teammate. Forget about favoring someone. Because for a leader, the company comes first and company is made up of its people. A true one knows that one rotten apple can damage other apples too. Also understand is this leader a good mentor - is there a lot of scope to learn under this person and grow as a professional? Do you feel the liberty to share your ideas no matter however they are and you know you would return with an insight and they are also worked upon - how can anyone in such an ambience ever feel drained or laidback? And never forget, a true leader has the courage to take a stand for his/her sincere and loyal team; they would do everything to make the workplace culture better - then be it also having some serious discussion with the management. ​

2.It takes a little time to figure out which colleagues are toxic or frenemies but once we identify, we need to cut them lose. Of course, not suggesting to be rude or fight with them but we can politely deny. Learn & start to say no. And don't hang around with that circle - they can really brainwash. And make us laidback too. We need to remind ourselves consistently - we didn't get on-board to entertain them. ​

3.Work-friends are such a blessing. They literally are our saviors, our teammates, our friends. And I am sure with friends we can definitely take the liberty to ask not to disturb or intervene unless its very important or urgent. They would feel a bit out-of-place but if they truly are our friends, they would eventually understand. ​

​ Don't let that spark in us die because the current is against us - fan the flames. We are where we are to bring a change for better, to revolutionize the industry, to become a thought-leader and impact many with the best of our work. Find a mentor; not a boss! We are meant to do great things. If we started as a visionary, then we better reach our destination too.

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