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6 Must-Know Facts For A Great Vision & Assured Success

6 Must-Know Facts For A Great Vision & Assured Success

1) Success comes with fights - I believe many of you would remember this quote:-

You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want something,
GO GET IT. Period.

This quote stands true to the T. Success is just not only about hard work and smart work but, in absolute terms, it comes with a lot of hustle too - hustle with yourself and hustle with others. And I am not talking about competitors here; NO! ​ ​

Success comes with a lot of fight. Fight with your inner demons who try to get you off-track and ruin your discipline. Fight with your fears to face them in the eye and do it anyway. Fight with your loved ones who would not understand your vision and might dissaude you. Fight with those voices who tell you it's not good, can't be achieved; its not practical. The road to working towards success can be lonely. But, hey remember, its your idea, your vision, and only you know the best how to accomplish it. Had someone else had the ability to foresee, they would have done it. But it's your baby. You got to stand up for your vision when no one's got your back; you got to have faith in your dream when nothing seems to be working and you feel stuck. You got to fight your distractions and not give it away because, trust me, on the path of success, the noise of distractions can drown out the silenced victories. You got to stop explaining to others and start doing. And never forget, ​

You are always one-step away from practicality. Be the one who does it so it becomes practical for others.

​ 2) Your values define your vision, your practice define your success - Your vision is defined by the innate qualities you have and your strengths; but your success is defined by how much more are you willing to practice it, invest in it and upgrade it. Your values and qualities carve the path to your vision. And the more you get better at it, the higher the chances of you being successful.

What is in you leads to what is in front of you!

3) You gotta be in love with the whole process and not just the fancy parts - The world-stage appearances and swaying audiences with your power-packed motivating one-liners, the "inspiring ideal" image, the luxury hotels, the fancy models, your picture on the cover pages of the business magazines - we all want that. But, when you sign up for the journey to be successful, you also trek the innumerous practice hours, you hike through the wildernes of the mornings or nights to keep improvising your ideas, you get lost and overwhelmed when you see no direction, you fall, your faith bruised, you go and stay hungry but you eventually reach the top because all of it has been worth it. Success is not just the top of the mountain and the gorgeous sunrise and clouds passing by, it's the whole journey that no one would see you go through. Love all of it, love the whole process and embrace it, invest your time in it - only then you become the top 2%. ​

​ 4) Stop having a Myopic vision of your success - We work in a culture where everything boils down to numbers and that is exactly what has become our metric to measure success - if you are a salesperson so how many clients are you able to convert? If you are a billionaire, how many companies are you able to successfully start and build? It's a game which Jordan Belfort would be absolutely in love with. But, can vision be so short-sighted? ​ ​

Success is not how many am I able to convert. Success is about how many people would remember me for good once I leave the table!

​ Of course, conversions are important. In fact they are basically the result of our learning. But, that should be the result of the learning and not our vision. Our vision should always be bigger than that - what problem am I solving with this and is it creating a positive impact? And this is the reason why most of the companies or individuals wear out - their focus point shifts. When you work with the sole intent of touching upon lives and creating an impact movement - even if you fail, you know next time what to do to succeed. ​

​ 5) Let emotions drive your vision to success for good:- ​

You gotta be emotional about your vision

​ We are emotional beings. We are driven by appreciation, we make pain our motivation - we do everything as per our emotions. So if you don't attach an emotional quotient to your vision, you would be working on such a superficial level that in no time you would wanna give up. Be emotional about what you are trying to accomplish, shed a tear or two when you feel overwhelmed, celebrate crazy when you see it happening - our emotions should be a catalyst in helping us achieve. ​ ​

6) Gratitude & Meditative Zone - And last, but not the least, these two things are equally, if not the most, important aspects in envisioning and achieving success - Gratitude and Connection with self. These two would only fuel up to make you go further and further. And it's important to go deep within yourself and understand these practices, this way of life to not just amplify your success but at the same time enjoy the process. You gotta be aligned with your own self and deeply connected and simultaneously feel grateful for how far you have come. These two help you stay grounded and at peace while even in your hustle without the worry of losing your happiness.

Success is like a balanced diet - you need all of these nutrients. Only consuming a lot of "hard work" will lead to deficiency of the happiness that comes with success and early injuries! ​ ​

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