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No guts. No glory.
No legend. No story.

No guts. No glory. No legend. No story. ​

​ I came across this quote recently and it just summed up what it takes to be legendary. And that made me come to write this article; what do legends do so differently:-

  • ​ ​ Vision - Are you playing big in life or small? Is your imagination out-of-the-box? Are you a fan of disruptive ideas? Well, thats how all legends think. They think big, they think different, they think something extraordinary.Yes, at times, the "think big" is a gift. But you know by now when you can't adapt to this by yourself, have people who can rub that off on you. ​
  • ​ Intention and Mindset - Legends have faith in what they want. That it is doable. Because let me tell you, there have been many people who have tried to dissuade them or tell they are swimming against the current or they don't come from such a family or they lack resources enough or they suck in that skill but despite all times they have been made fun of, declared crazy or laughed off at - they keep standing strong giving zero fish. They have belief in their vision when no one has. They have conviction in their ideas when no one has. They hang around no matter having been manipulated emotionally or otherwise. They look for answers when they get stuck. They remain stubborn; they keep the momentum. They know they are capable or they would become capable.
  • ​ ​ Risk - They win big because they never shy away from betting or risking big and putting things on stake. If you wanna achieve more, you have to initiate and risk more. They play this gamble without any fear. That also tells a lot about the strength of their mind and character.
  • ​ ​ Consistency - Being street-smart is good. And that has helped us studying a few days before exams to float our boat. But in the real world, legends put in a crazy amount of practice hours to become what they rock at. And that comes with consistent efforts everyday. Reminded me of that famous Picasso story when he was enjoying his meal in a restaurant and was interrupted by a fan who asked him to draw something for him on the napkin. Picasso obliged but asked for a hefty amount in return to which the fan was shocked and said that it only took him 30 seconds to draw that to which Picasso replied, "no, it has taken me forty years to do that." Crazy, no? ​ ​
  • Failures - Legends do not worry or get scared from failures. In fact, they are open to it because that's how they learn how not to do it. So, they never shy away to fail after putting in hard work because when they accept it, they become fearless. It's the thought of failure that confines to the comfort zone and stops growth. Failure makes one grow. It gives a deep perspective.


Failure is not opposite of success; its a stepping stone to your success. Its a part of the journey.

  • Learn - Legends learn from their setbacks. And they continuously invest in learning new things. They upgrade their skills. Self-growth is the only way forward. They learn from everyone. They are selfish and greedy about knowledge. Because if they see everyone as a source to learn from, they will never be insecure. Whoever they come across, that's an opportunity to learn something new. They learn more about their industry. One must have knowledge where they deal in. One has to start being what they do.
  • ​ ​ Habits - Their habits define them. For anything to become a success, that comes from a certain amount of discipline. But if one forms productive habits, one won't find discipline such a drag. Glued to social media and using snap filters or watching harmless videos on TikTok is not what legends do. They dedicate themselves to their mission, they practice mindfulness, they refrain from wasting time, they spend time with people that they can be inspired from, they are present in every moment. ​
  • ​ Unwind; have fun - This is the most important thing. They have fun, they are happy, they relax, unwind and do things that they love. Its a celebration of the consistent efforts everyday. Its an assurance they are reaching somewhere. Its a break that fills their reservoir with new ideas. ​​
  • You might not have been born with a great legacy. But, you can always give the world some!
    So, are you willing to be a legend now?

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